Developing Personal Relationships

I think of myself as a good listener, and I really care about what is going on in the lives of our couples, because that trickles into the planning process.


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Jenny Salter
Co-Founder & Event Planner


and Focused

I absolutely love designing events, I am mindful of logistics, and I enjoy making brides feel comfortable throughout the entire process. 

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Lauren Smith
Co-Founder & Event Planner

A Keen Eye for the Subtle Details

I believe that organization, communication, and attention to logistics are key to making an event run smoothly, allowing everyone involved to have a stress-free and fun experience.


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Jennifer Sapp
Event Planner

Balancing the "Wow" with the "How"

I have an eye for details and love creating events that are unique and tell the story of each couple! 

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Madi Taylor
Event Planner

All about the Details.

I'm a big proponent of to-do lists, no task is too big or too small- which makes me incredible at managing details.


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Melissa Volpe
Event Planner

Both Design

and Logistics

I believe that every successful event requires an emphasis on both design and logistics. I am very focused on attention to detail and clear communication. 

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Chelsea Kim
Event Planner


Atlanta, Athens, Destinations

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